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The efficient BUS RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM (BRT) in Malaysia


In 2015, BRT was introduced to help passengers to their destination. BRT also help to reduce jam because BRT lane is located above the road like the LRT. BRT represents Bus Rapid Transit and is another idea for Malaysia. The bus that they used is eco-friendly electric bus. The total of the bus is 15 buses and 1 bus can take up to 60 passengers. The speed of the bus is around 30-40 km per hour. The bus can reach their destination very fast because they have their own lane. Every bus have their own driver with normal tire and no rail.

While waiting the bus, I always sit beside the lane. They provide around 9 seats therefore, there are many space for me to sit. The waiting place also very clean however, we are not allowed to cross the lane because it is very dangerous.

This is what inside bus looks like. Inside bus is very comfortable because they provide AC and seat. Sometimes when the bus is full, I always standing because they also provide the handle.

To get inside BRT, I always use touch n go because the price is cheaper rather than buy the ticket. For those who tired or with special needs to go upstairs, don’t worry because they provide escalator and lift.

This is the BRT’s route (green lane). The BRT route is start from USJ7 until Sunway Setia Jaya. I always use BRT from SunMed to Sunway Lagoon and the price is cheaper rather than use grab, taxi, and walk. The price with touch n go is RM1.20 and with ticket is RM1.40.

This is the example of BRT’s ticket. The shape of the ticket is like coin. The ticket can bought at machine next to counter. When we want to get inside BRT, we need to tap the coin in machine however, when we arrived we need to put the coin inside the machine.

This is one example of touch n go. Before we want to get inside or get out from BRT, we just need to tap the card on machine. There are many kind of touch n go that can be used. I always use this card to pay toll, LRT, MRT, and others. This card is very useful and very simple.



Operating hours : Monday – Sunday (6am – 12am)
Phone Number : 03-7885 2585
Email :
Website :
Facebook :


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