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Experience an Unforgettable Moment in Sunway University Luxurious Lecture Theatres and Auditoriums

Our campus comes complete when it comes to our classrooms, auditoriums, lecture theatres, concourse and also open areas that are conductive for student discussion, communications, eLearning and working on course assignments (Sunway University Facilities). They are also covered by unlimited wireless access coverage / WIFI available for 24 hours per day. Today I am going to show all of you the class I attend daily.

(Credits : Sunway University)
(Credits : Sunway University)
Auditorium (Credits : Sunway University)

Auditorium is consider a big hall and it can fit approximately 400 people. When number of students exceeds 200, lectures will have to use the auditorium to fit the students. In every seats, you can find a charging pod just below the side of the chair. Usually I use it to charge my electronic devices like laptop or iPad for study purpose.

credits : Sunway University
Lecture Theatre

Lecture halls are smaller than auditorium but it is still as comfortable as the auditorium. This hall fit as many as 150 – 200 people.

Regular Classroom

Regular classroom is used when we enroll our tutorial classes where the lectures demand our participation in doing tutorial exercises, presentation and is also use for examination purposes.

IT Lab

We use the IT labs when we have a practical class and it is usually a computer-based unit of study. I personally really like the lab session as the computers are all high-tech. Mesmerising isn’t it?!


Foyer, concourse or in other words open areas are also available for students to make a discussion and do assignment together. It is equipped with a vending machine, lockers and ATM machines. Whats best is that this area is open for everyone, everyday! Sometimes, My friends and I like to sit in the Foyer to just chit-chatting or discussing assignment work.

More Info

Sunway University

5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open from Monday to Saturday, 08.30-17.30

Website :


7 thoughts on “Experience an Unforgettable Moment in Sunway University Luxurious Lecture Theatres and Auditoriums

  1. Hi! Seneng banget ketemu bloggers indo yang ngebuat konten kuliahan di kuala lumpur. Aku masih pelajar SMA tapi udah lagi cari universitas di KualaLumpur untuk ngambil degree. Berkat konten blog Kakak, jadi lebih gampang tau info2 di sunway university.


    1. Hi Aliando! Terima Kasih ya sebelumnya! Kami juga senang sekali bisa membantu kamu melalui blog kami πŸ™‚ Ditunggu ya post post selanjutnya mengenai fasilitas yang ada di Sunway University! Semoga Membantu! πŸ™‚


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