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The Japanese Restaurant Finally Open to Serve Sunway Students! – Azuma Sushi Sunway City

Another Thanks God It’s Weekend Post!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It means another special lunch to have guys!

This Japanese restaurant has opened recently in the end of June in Bandar Sunway. The location is just the opposite of Sunway University and this restaurant has been one of my favourite to grab a Japanese food. Many students having their lunch and dinner here.

The restaurant serves an authentic and fresh ingredients. I like to seat in sushi bar area where I can choose and grab the wide variety of sushi.

Mostly, me and my friend only eat the sushi that offered in the sushi bar since it’s only the two of us who’s eating, so, it’s kinda a lot if we ordered the sushi roll from menu.

For the portion and price that offered in sushi bar is reasonable and affordable. For cheapest is white plate where it’s only RM 1.70 while for blue plate clocks in at RM 2.60 and the most expensive is the red plate which is RM 3.50.

We also ordered some sushi from the menu which the sushi bar did not offer. We ordered Sashimi, Unagi (eel) Sushi, Tobiko Sushi, Ebiko Sushi and Salmon Maki. These are the must order sushi in here. The unagi is very fresh and tasty as well the salmon. For tobiko and ebiko, it’s so fresh and crispy. Each bite gives a satisfying and unforgettable burst of flavour.

Salmon Sashimi (RM12.00) and Tuna Sashimi (RM 13.00)

My personal favourite here is the fresh Raw Salmon Sushi dipped in chilli powder and soya sauce with a bit of wasabi.

For the restaurant’s ambience is very nice with wooden design, looks classy and expensive. The crew here is also very friendly.

More Info


Jalan PJS 11/9
Bandar Sunway
47500 Petaling Jaya
Phone Number : 03-5612 0888
Open Daily from 11.00 – 22.00

Facebook :


8 thoughts on “The Japanese Restaurant Finally Open to Serve Sunway Students! – Azuma Sushi Sunway City

  1. hi im going to study in sunway soon and by reading this blog i can easily know what to choose for lunch or dinner because your blog always suggest a good food around sunway!


  2. The explanation is very clear (location, price, menu, taste,food presentation) also I can see the picture. But maybe you can put the rate 1-5 so can help the reader know more about your assessment for conclusion.
    For example :
    Location ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Taste ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    And maybe you can put the rate for waiter/waitress because its improtant for some people including me.
    Over all, very good article. Clear, sequential,very easy to understand and MAKE ME WANT TO GO TO AZUMA SUSHI🍣🍤💖


    1. Hi Amanda! Thank You so much for the positive feedback and the suggestion! Really appreciate it 🙂 Will do the best and the verdict part in the next posts! I’m glad that the blog is easy to understand ❤


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