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Hey Indonesian students! ever thinking about travelling around KL or outside KL but don’t have any car to drive? SOCAR is the solution!

SOCAR is an online mobile application that allowed you to rent the car with charges per hour. They offer wide variety of car, such as MPV type of Perodua Alza fit for 7 people, Hatchback type of Perodua Axia fit for 5 people, Sedan type of Honda City fit for 5 people and SUV type of Honda HR-V fit for 5 people. The registration itself is quite simple and easy, it requires the passport and driving license photo and the driver must be 21+ to be able to register. For the price, it’s not really expensive considering that it depends on the car brand.

Usually my friends and I like to rent car with SOCAR to hang in a place that far from Sunway area because it’s more comfortable as it’s more private and less cost compared travelling by grab.

This is the example of the SOCAR application. SOCAR application is quite simple to use. I always book the car first before I use it because I can set what time I will use it and return it. There are many SOCAR zone you can choose to pick the car, therefore, it is easy for me to reach the car from my area which I just have to choose which Socar zone is the nearest with my location. Also, the pro using Socar is inside the car, they already provide the fuel credit card for us to fill the fuel tank.

The car key itself can be use by connecting our phone’s bluetooth to the Socar application which is so efficient. I only need to use my phone to unlock and lock the car. We can do everything with the car only by using a phone. You don’t have to worry if you cannot find the car, because in the app you can honk or dim a hazard light so you can easily find the car.

There are many promotions that they offer which you can use. One of the promotion is free ride from KLIA1 or KLIA2. Compared to grab, I need to pay RM65 to my place however, with SOCAR I only need to pay RM0.00. SEE?!

One last thing is, before you drive the car make sure you do a car inspection. Usually I would take photos of 4 sides of the car before I use it so I can know and make sure the car is in a good condition to prevent any charges. Lastly, When you return the car, the app will require you to take the photos of the car condition. Hope you enjoy using Socar as much as I do guys!



Phone Number : 03-9779 0303
Website :
Facebook :



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