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LRT is similar like MRT and BRT. I always use LRT to go to KL from sunway. If I want go alone to KL, I will use LRT because the price is cheaper rather than using grab. With grab, I need to pay around RM30 to KL however, with LRT I only need to pay around RM5.

I really like inside of the LRT because the train is so comfortable yet so cold. Inside the train is so silent that I can enjoy the trip. Since the train is very long, the train can pick many passengers at the same time.

Also, they have put the stations name orderly inside the train, which I won’t be confused where I should stop and how many station left until my destination station. To go to Bukit Bintang by LRT, I usually start from SS15 station to Pasar Seni station. Since there is no LRT station in Bukit Bintang, I need to transit by MRT to Bukit Bintang MRT.

There are 2 types of seats inside the train. First is priority seat with red color and normal seat with blue color. Normally I can sit in priority seat but in case if people with special needs come, I have to let them sit.

Here is the price of the LRT. Every station has different price so I need to check it first before I go inside LRT. Normally, I go from SS15 to Pasar Seni is RM5.40.

LRT have a big station and I always take escalator to reach the train. However, for those who with special needs, LRT also provide lift for them. They also provide stairs for those who want to do exercise.

Every LRT station has counter to top up touch n go and help counter.

There are 2 types to pay the LRT. First is buy the ticket in the machine and second is by using touch n go. The ticket is same like BRT and MRT, using cash to buy the token. While for touch n go, there’s a counter to top up the cash credit inside the card.

The ticket is same like BRT and MRT. Before go inside LRT, The ticket or touch n go need to tap first on the machine and after arrive I need to tap again the touch n go or put in the ticket inside the machine like in the picture. I always use touch n go because it is much faster than buy the ticket in the machine and also the price is cheaper.

Here is the name of the station. There are 2 rails one on the right side and the other one is one the left side. Before take the train, it is better for you to see which one you should take.

Enjoy the ride using LRT!



Operating hours : Monday – Sunday (6am – 12am)
Phone Number : 03-7885 2585
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  1. great article ! I found it really helpful especially for those who haven’t tried mrt / lrt before , it is also provide a lot of important information such as photos , estimation cost , the lines and about the counter but i think it would be better if you show us how to purchase a ticket by machine / touch n go , anyw keep up the good work !


    1. Hi Naha! It’s so heart-delighting to hear that the blog is really helpful! Thank You very much for the clear and positive feedback about the post.
      Surely will edit the article and describe how to purchase the ticket by machine and touch and go 🙂


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