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14 Must-Buy Food Items From Family Mart Sunway

Family Mart is literally a convenience food paradise ever 🙂

Food from convenience stores in Indonesia has never been an appealing or tempting idea for me. Until, I found Family Mart in Malaysia while studying! Also, it’s just the opposite Sunway University!

For Indonesia students who are still new to Family Mart or are looking for a new food to try, here I list down my some must-try drink and must-eat food in Family Mart :

1. Oden (Start from RM 1.80)

The oden in Family Mart is a must-try at least for once! The soup available in Tom Yam flavour and original flavour. The wide variety of high quality ingredients are flavourful and the Tom Yam broth is crazily addictive! My favourite skewers are the Signature Oden Fish cake, Seafood Tofu Fish cake and King Crab Chunk.

2. Ice Cream (RM 2.90)

These were the seasonal ice cream flavour pictures that I took, there were Melon, Sea Salt, Hojicha Latte and Sweet potato cheese cake flavours. While the Matcha flavour is available for all year round. The taste is creamy and indulgent for only RM 2.90. The flavour for this season is the Belgian Dark Chocolate flavour which I haven’t try yet.

3. Frappe (RM 7.90)

To get your instant frappe drink, get your Frappe base from the freezer. Bring it to the counter and choose your flavour of choice (milk, coffee, or chocolate). Once the hot liquid has been added in, you’ve got your frappe without needing a blender! My favourite frappe is cookie frappe with chocolate milk!

4. Sofuto Milkshake (RM 6.90)

This is Matcha Ice cream mixed with fresh creamy milk, the new beverage in Family Mart, I can say this will be my new favourite beverage after Frappe. The ice cream flavour is depend on the seasonal ice cream flavours in Family Mart.

5. Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea (RM 6.90)

The drink is made with imported Taiwanese brown sugar, and topped with fresh, creamy milk which balances the sweetness perfectly. The pearls also have a soft texture to it, which I personally love.

6. Hot Sausage and Tofu (RM 2.90 – RM 3.30)

Head to the hot bar section by the cashier to find a selection of hot snacks. From sausages to cuttlefish tofu and curry puff, you can also get fried chicken freshly prepared upon order! My favourite is Black Pepper Sausage and Cuttlefish Tofu! Also you can get 50% off on the second fast-food items.

7. Onigiri (RM 3.00 – RM 6.00)

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to onigiri in FamilyMart. From the classic favourites like tuna mayo, salmon, and ebiko, you can also find a myriad of other flavours. You can frequently find limited edition onigiri every few months.

8. Sandwhich

The egg mayo sandwich is worth to try! There are also cheese turkey sandwich, big bite sandwich, teriyaki chicken sandwich with egg and more!

9. Hanjuku Cheese (RM 3.90)

This rich and creamy cheesecake is way too good for a convenience food! Available in original and chocolate flavour.

10. Desserts

Family Mart also offers a selection of single-serving desserts from Strawberry Shortcake to Chocolate Mousse, Matcha Parfait, Original Pudding, and more. My favourite is Matcha Parfait for RM 5.90

11. Instant Meal Box

With bento boxes available in FamilyMart, it means there’s always a meal ready-to-go for you at any time. Available in various selections of rice and noodle boxes, simply get the FamilyMart staff to heat it up for you. My always ready-to-go meal is Zaru Soba.

12. Imported Japanese Tea

The Japanese tea in Family Mart is also worth to try as some of the tea contain 0 calorie! Fat free girlsss!

13. Baked Bread

You can find everything from savoury buns to loaves of bread, and sweet treats in Family Mart! My favourite is Red Bean Mochi Pan, the Mochi is sooo chewy and not too sweet! Also, the bread is all fresh baked!

14. Family Mart Snacks (RM 6.20)

They also have potato sticks, corn snacks, potato rings, cookies, chocolate cereal, and more.

So, that’s the 14 must-buy or must-try in Family Mart! If you guys have try any of them, please let me know by leaving out a comment!

More Info

Family Mart Bandar Sunway (Opposite Sunway University)

17, Jalan PJS 11/9
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Phone Number : 03-7496 7556
Open daily 24 hours

Website :


6 thoughts on “14 Must-Buy Food Items From Family Mart Sunway

  1. Ohmygod! Thankyou for this! I’ve always bought foods from convenience store when i’m on a tight budget, and this recommendations helps alot! Definitely gonna check them out! 👍🏻


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