Yes! Grab! I am surely that my Indonesian friends are very familiar with this online taxi car service but still I’m gonna talk and recommend this for you guys to travel around KL!

GRAB is one of the most useful application that I daily used. Just in case you don’t know, GRAB is application to book a ride service to our destination. However, now GRAB already provide their service not only for ordering a car but also can order food and deliver a package. Also, Grab has an e-wallet which is GrabPay to make it easier for us to process the payment.

This is how the home page application looks like. The home page design is neat and easily to use.

In my opinion, using GRAB in Malaysia we have win-win solution, sometimes at specific time like peak hour it’s gonna be expensive to use grab and vice versa. Or you can use the grab whenever there’s many of your friends are also going to the same destination so you guys can divide the price. For example is basically the price from Sunway to KL is RM35 therefore, we can divide to RM7 or RM8 each person and it makes the price cheaper. GRAB also has promo to airport, the price from airport or to airport is RM65. GRAB also provides you to choose whether 4 seats with a cheaper price or 6 seats to take more people but with a more expensive price. Driving rules and regulation in Malaysia is different with Indonesia whereas if the car is designed to fit only for 4 or 6 passengers, therefore, the car can only carry 4 or 6 passengers and not more which is different with Indonesia, where the car can fit as many as possible passengers inside the car as long as the passengers can breath freely. Lol. So for Indonesian, don’t be surprised okayyyyy!

Whenever I feel like lazy to go out to having lunch or dinner, I always use GRAB to delivery food. There are many restaurant to choose that already registered in GRAB food. As a student, I want a food with a cheaper price and in a big portion, therefore, GRAB always be my solution as it has many promo or discount. heheheheh.

GRAB also provides delivery package. This service help me to send document, parcel, package, and other things to my friend. Sometimes my friend left their stuff at my house therefore, I will use this application to send it.

The GrabPay itself can be topped up by using online banking payment. I just need to put my number and select that top up amount. It is quite simple to top up balance with this GRAB application.

To pay, you can use whether cash which is cash on delivery or GrabPay. I prefer to pay by using GrabPay which is more efficient and also there are many discounts if using GRAB pay.

GRAB is very famous transportation in Malaysia therefore, there are many spot for customers to waiting their GRAB.

GRAB also provide GRAB pick up and drop off point for customers to wait their GRAB coming. Many malls and place already have GRAB lounge. This is the example of GRAB lounge in Sunway Pyramid.



Operation every day 24hours
Phone Number : +6016 386 8936
Website :

Facebook :

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