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Extreme Park Sports Arena – Badminton Court RCL

Heard About Badminton In Extreme Park Before?

Sound familiar? It is uncommon for those people that live far away from Bandar Sunway, However, it is a common and famous place for Sunway student or the people that lives nearby. Extreme Park has futsal field, pinball and one of it, is Badminton court. Do you one of the people that pro or hobby to play badminton? Well, this is a nice place to play badminton. Of course you will feel more excitement and enjoyment if you play with your friends there.

There is a shop located inside the court called VRC Proshop. It sells all badminton gears which are strings, grips, clothes, towels, shoes and different types of shuttlecocks. It also responsible for receiving bookings and payments for renting the badminton court. The fees are quite reasonable, it range from RM 21-28/hour. If you prefer cheaper price, please come before 7 pm. Moreover, you could purchase drinks there also as they serve variety of drinks!

Here are the badminton rules that you need to follow.

They also provided seats for players in case they want to rest and switch players through out the game. Most of them put their belongings near the seat for convenience.

More Info

  • VRC Badminton Court at Extreme Park
  • Sunway South Quay, Jalan Tasik Selatan, Bandar Sunway
  • 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • +60 123805083 › sunway-extreme-park-badminton

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