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Sunway University Canopy Walk – A Pathway that connects Sunway

Students of Sunway University can enjoy the convenience and comfort of strolling along a Canopy Walk that links Sunway with Sunway Pyramid Mall. The Canopy Walk is a 360m long pedestrian walkway that takes 6 minutes to cross and starts from Sunway University College East Building ending near the entrance of Sunway Pyramid Mall near Sunway Lagoon. 

Further shaded by many trees, users of the walkway will experience a scenic view of the Wildlife Park, The Surf Beach and the Wagon Wheel of the neighbouring Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. The Canopy Walk is open daily except during public holidays from 7am – 12 midnight and is fitted with close-circuit TV cameras along the walkway. The walkway is a facility that allows students to find alternative parking so that they can continue to attend classes conveniently and punctually. In addition, to ensure that students can use the canopy walk confidently and safely to enjoy greater accessibility to the wide range of services at the Mall. Furthermore, there is also a second phase of the canopy walk where it connects Sunway University to the BRT station and then to monash.

BRT station
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