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Get another experiences by travelling KL with MONORAIL

Indonesian students, here’s to familiarize the monorail of KL which transportation you can enjoy besides MRT,

First of all, Monorail is similar like LRT because the train line is also located at the above of roadway. However, monorail has different line and technology. I use monorail for short distance in KL especially around Bukit Bintang. I often use monorail because the location is only around KL and the distance it took is very short. In my experience, using monorail is as fun as using LRT and MRT. You guys also need to try it for new experience hahahah! But one thing is waiting for the train is quite long because they only have one line. So yeah..

Inside Monorail is most likely similar to LRT but with different seat position as shown in the picture. For short distance travel, using monorail is quite fun because I can sight seeing the city and street from above. As usual public transportation, monorail also provides handle for those who want standing or in case there are no seat left.

These pictures are the example of monorail line in Bukit Bintang. Monorail is quite short train and with barely audible sound. We can see the train from the street below it. We can see if the train cross in front of us and it makes us feel that we are in the future. HAHAHA excuse me for being so hyperbola.

The monorail station also located above, so we need to go upstairs with escalator or lift. Car, bus, motorcycle, and others still can pass below the station. The station is quite big and it easily for me to find the monorail station.

There are also 2 types of payment. First is touch n go and the second one is by buying ticket. The machine of the ticket is also same with BRT, LRT, and MRT. This machine allowed you to buy many transportation ticket. They also have counter for use to top touch n go and also to report something.

Here is the map of monorail. For train, the line is very short. There are only 10 stations.

Hope this post is useful for you guys! Thanks for reading! 🙂



Operating hours : Monday – Sunday (6am – 12am)
Phone Number : 03-7885 2585
Email :
Website :
Facebook :


One thought on “Get another experiences by travelling KL with MONORAIL

  1. Monorail is very usefull for people around Malaysia. I’m sure that Malaysia peoples will be comfortable doing their activities.


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