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The Best Chicken Rice Around Sunway You Could Ever Have – Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice

Not only the best chicken rice but also the cheapest chicken rice in Sunway you can find!!!!

Here to introduce you guys one of the best places usually I go to get my lunch and sometime, breakfast. Apparently not only me but this chicken rice shop has been a fan favourite among students in Sunway University as it offers economical and delicious meal. No wonder that it usually sold out by 2pm.

For Indonesian freshmen or Indonesian exchange student from Australia who miss Indonesia’s Hainan Chicken rice should eat this for alternative!

The shop itself is not designed at all but comfortable enough, but can get wrapped up pretty tight with people lining up during the lunch hours. Therefore, make sure you have 15-30 minutes waiting time to spare or come early.

picture was taken at lunch hours

One meal is costing no more than RM 8 with the portion given is pretty generous, A simple menu displayed at the entrance of the shop, making a selection of what to eat is very easy.

The boss is very friendly

Usually after we seat, the auntie will approach us and offer the drinks. Not only drinks, sometimes we order the half boiled egg for only RM 2.40, tasty and healthy!

The chicken rice is cooked to perfection, fragrant and flavourful enough.

The chicken alone is succulent, smooth and not overcooked; and topped with the spotlight- fried garlic. You can ask for extra fried garlic in a bowl and it charges no money!

However, the chicken rice also served with tasty chicken soup and homemade chilli sauce which give a nice touch to the rice and chicken. The bonus is you can refill the soup as much as you want!

The char siew does not disappoint as well, the char siew is tender, well-marinated and not too sweet. A perfect combination with the tasty chicken. And if you want to get an extra chicken or pork it’s just RM 1.00 additional price!

Unfortunately, the roasted pork has finished during the time I come so I won’t be able to show you the picture but since I ever eat the roasted pork, I will just briefly describe the taste. Initially, seeing the glistening oil on the skin at first, I thought it wouldn’t be crispy. Yet as I sank my teeth into it, the pork skin crackled loudly. The roasted pork is a must-try meal from here. Also, You need to come early to secure the roasted pork if you don’t want to miss out the savoury roasted pork since it’s the fastest to finish.

UPDATE : I’ve come back to get the roasted pork, so here it is the picture

More Info

Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop

39, 29, Jalan PJS 11/9
Bandar Sunway
47500 Petaling Jaya
Phone Number : 016-772 5355
Open from Monday to Saturday, 08.00 – 14.00


6 thoughts on “The Best Chicken Rice Around Sunway You Could Ever Have – Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice

  1. Wahh! Nasi ayam best banget! Tapi berhubung karena aku muslim, pgn tanya dong, apakah makanan disana halal? Thankyou sblmnya, foto2 di blog ini selalu buat aku laper!


    1. Halo Heru! nasi ayam disini memang best banget!! Makanan disini non-halal karena ada daging babinya but yes! Muslim tetap bisa makan disini juga berhubung toko nya ada jual daging ayam juga, so it’s up to you kalau kamu mau makan nasi ayamnya aja juga tetep bisa kok! Terima Kasih untuk feedbacknya! Happy readings yaa! 😀


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