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Rock Cafe, the place to go for a taste of everything!

Seriously, this place is a legend to all Sunway students!! Always available for starving students 24/7 with the seating capacity of more than 1000 seats, available indoor and outdoor seating! What’s best is Rock Cafe provides 3 projector in outdoor seating area also 4 televisions in indoor seating area! Amazing!

Moreover, what’s make Rock Cafe is so famous is because the food court offers a wide variety from local foods to international favourite foods! such as Indonesian food, Japanese food, Western food, Korean food and Middle Eastern food to satisfy your appetite! Even there is Vegetarian food stall, so for vegetarians, worry-free! YEY! 😀

Rock Cafe is also a place for football enthusiast where usually the football matches will be shown in the projector every week, Rock Cafe is more crowded especially during the World Cup season, where surprisingly you need to book a seat.

And of course, Rock cafe serves both Halal and Non-Halal dishes using two different cutlery catering to the Muslims and Non-Muslims diners. The green plates are used for Halal dishes and the white plates are for Non-Halal dishes.

For Indonesian fellows that are new to this place, here’s list of Indonesian foods you can have

  1. Ayam Bakar Jakarta

Ayam Bakar Rica for RM 8.00 comes with chicken thigh, a plate of rice and a bowl of Sayur Asam soup. The sambal Rica is spicy and flavourful as well the chicken is well-marinated and of course not over grilled. Usually I will go for this instead of Ayam Penyet Ria since it’s nearer.

2. Indo Deli

My personal favourite dish in Indo Deli is their Nasi Goreng Meletup for RM 6.50. The Nasi Goreng Meletup comes in a big portion with minced chicken and a sunny side up. Like the name, the fried rice is very spicy and fragrant enough. For those can’t eat spicy dish, can try their tasty Balinese Chicken Rice for RM 8.50. Also, for Indonesian that miss Indomie instant noodle could order their Indomie Double Egg for RM 5.50.

3. Mr. Penyet

Yes, you can find Indonesian Soto Ayam here for just RM 6.50, The owner is Indonesian, so you can find the taste is so similar to Indonesian’s Soto Ayam. They also have Ayam Penyet, Bakso Penyet, Mie Ayam, Ketoprak and much more.

Besides, there’s also Japanese food that worth to try which is the chicken teppanyaki don for just RM 7.00. You have a choice to choose the meat, beef and chicken. The rice and the chicken is topped with teriyaki sauce with a good portion.

Also, my favourite is the chicken and prawn mee soup for only RM 6.00 come with a generous portion and additional 50 cents for large portion. The soup is very flavourful and fragrant, the prawn is fresh and the chicken is meat is very tender and well-cooked.

So, that’s all I want to recommend and if you have try the foods in Rock Cafe Sunway, please leave out a comment and maybe some recommendation for me to try out!

More Info

Rock Cafe Sunway

Medan Rock Cafe
Jalan PJS 11/20
Bandar Sunway
46150 Subang Jaya
Open 24 hours daily
Phone Number : 03-5612 1333

Facebook :



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