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14 Must-Buy Food Items From Family Mart Sunway

Family Mart is literally a convenience food paradise ever 🙂 Food from convenience stores in Indonesia has never been an appealing or tempting idea for me. Until, I found Family Mart in Malaysia while studying! Also, it’s just the opposite Sunway University! For Indonesia students who are still new to Family Mart or are lookingContinue reading “14 Must-Buy Food Items From Family Mart Sunway”


Sunway Medical Centre – Sunway City Greatest Healthcare

Established in November 1999, Sunway Medical Centre is an Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accredited private hospital located in Malaysia’s first fully integrated green township of Sunway City. Sunway Medical Center is located a block away from the campus and it took only 10 to 15 minutes of walking via the canopy walk. TheContinue reading “Sunway Medical Centre – Sunway City Greatest Healthcare”


LRT is similar like MRT and BRT. I always use LRT to go to KL from sunway. If I want go alone to KL, I will use LRT because the price is cheaper rather than using grab. With grab, I need to pay around RM30 to KL however, with LRT I only need to payContinue reading “GO FAST WITH LRT (LIGHT RAPID TRANSIT) IS FUN AND LESS COST!!”

Different Types Of Arcades And Games In Sunway Pyramid – Mega Leisure World

Does People Still Play Arcades Nowadays ? Many people nowadays didn’t go to arcades as much as the past due to the advancement of technology. Games are now provided online on their mobile phones , ipads/tablets and laptops which is more easier to access than the arcade. But I personally still like to play inContinue reading “Different Types Of Arcades And Games In Sunway Pyramid – Mega Leisure World”

Japanese and Western Fusions Cafe In Front Uni – Sweet Gathers

When first heard about the new cafe open in front of uni at the beginning of this year really got me so excited and couldn’t wait to try out the foods. It is Japanese and Western foods cafe and for your information, I am always a Japanese and Western foods lover!! When I first enterContinue reading “Japanese and Western Fusions Cafe In Front Uni – Sweet Gathers”

Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway

Do You like To Workouts?! SunGym is a place for people to workout and burn their calories effectively. It is filled with almost fully equipped gears and classes are also available for those who want to join, where there will be a trainer to train you for a more intense training session. Mostly people whoContinue reading “Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway”


Hey Indonesian students! ever thinking about travelling around KL or outside KL but don’t have any car to drive? SOCAR is the solution! SOCAR is an online mobile application that allowed you to rent the car with charges per hour. They offer wide variety of car, such as MPV type of Perodua Alza fit forContinue reading “WHAT IF DRIVING CAR WITH SOCAR?”

Sunway University Residences – Cozy, Comfy and Secure

Students, trouble in finding a suitable place to stay? In this post, we are going to show you the 3 accomodation which is located inside the sunway campus area. Sun-U Residence is the accommodation of choice for students of all nationalities wanting to experience a ‘preview’ of being a young adult living in a condoContinue reading “Sunway University Residences – Cozy, Comfy and Secure”

The Japanese Restaurant Finally Open to Serve Sunway Students! – Azuma Sushi Sunway City

Another Thanks God It’s Weekend Post! Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It means another special lunch to have guys! This Japanese restaurant has opened recently in the end of June in Bandar Sunway. The location is just the opposite of Sunway University and this restaurant has been one of my favourite to grab a Japanese food. ManyContinue reading “The Japanese Restaurant Finally Open to Serve Sunway Students! – Azuma Sushi Sunway City”

Skating Freezey! It Froze Your Legs! – Sunway Pyramid Ice

Skating anyone?? If you like to have fun, you must try this one! Sunway Pyramid Ice can really help you relieve your stress. This can be able to help people who have stress as skating is an excellent example of aerobic exercise. This can help us to balance our body and control our insulin inContinue reading “Skating Freezey! It Froze Your Legs! – Sunway Pyramid Ice”