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Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway

Do You like To Workouts?! SunGym is a place for people to workout and burn their calories effectively. It is filled with almost fully equipped gears and classes are also available for those who want to join, where there will be a trainer to train you for a more intense training session. Mostly people whoContinue reading “Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway”

Sunway Sports Club – A Home for all Athletes

If you want to play sports socially, getting fitter and healthier or be part of a team, Sunway is the place to be for students who love sports. Occupying roughly 9 hectares of prime land in Bandar Sunway, Sunway University offers their students more sporting facilities, such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a full-sized fieldContinue reading “Sunway Sports Club – A Home for all Athletes”