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Offside Nadayu 28 Residence – A Perfect Condominium for Students

Nadayu28 Residences isn’t just a residence, it is a luxurious and gorgeous indulgence if you want to spoil yourself. Some of the most exiting facilities for condo living can be found in the residence and is equivalent to a complete lifestyle just like in a tropical resort. Nadayu Residence stands with 3 main towers thatContinue reading “Offside Nadayu 28 Residence – A Perfect Condominium for Students”


Sunway University Residences – Cozy, Comfy and Secure

Students, trouble in finding a suitable place to stay? In this post, we are going to show you the 3 accomodation which is located inside the sunway campus area. Sun-U Residence is the accommodation of choice for students of all nationalities wanting to experience a ‘preview’ of being a young adult living in a condoContinue reading “Sunway University Residences – Cozy, Comfy and Secure”