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Billiard, The Competitive Cue Sport

Do you heard about billiard or pool before? I bet you all have been heard it before or even play it in your phone. Billiard is a classification of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the rails, into which balls are deposited. This sport is a very well-known sport. This sportContinue reading “Billiard, The Competitive Cue Sport”

Newly Opened Basketball Court At Phazeground

Where’s Basketball Players At!? Hello Basketballers, do you have tried this new basketball court at Phazeground that located in Taman Industrian Subang there? This is a great basketball court, and also it’s not that pricey compared to others rentals courts. Phazeground has two basketball courts that can be rent, the court is super nice andContinue reading “Newly Opened Basketball Court At Phazeground”

Extreme Park Sports Arena – Badminton Court RCL

Heard About Badminton In Extreme Park Before? Sound familiar? It is uncommon for those people that live far away from Bandar Sunway, However, it is a common and famous place for Sunway student or the people that lives nearby. Extreme Park has futsal field, pinball and one of it, is Badminton court. Do you oneContinue reading “Extreme Park Sports Arena – Badminton Court RCL”

Different Types Of Arcades And Games In Sunway Pyramid – Mega Leisure World

Does People Still Play Arcades Nowadays ? Many people nowadays didn’t go to arcades as much as the past due to the advancement of technology. Games are now provided online on their mobile phones , ipads/tablets and laptops which is more easier to access than the arcade. But I personally still like to play inContinue reading “Different Types Of Arcades And Games In Sunway Pyramid – Mega Leisure World”

Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway

Do You like To Workouts?! SunGym is a place for people to workout and burn their calories effectively. It is filled with almost fully equipped gears and classes are also available for those who want to join, where there will be a trainer to train you for a more intense training session. Mostly people whoContinue reading “Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway”

Skating Freezey! It Froze Your Legs! – Sunway Pyramid Ice

Skating anyone?? If you like to have fun, you must try this one! Sunway Pyramid Ice can really help you relieve your stress. This can be able to help people who have stress as skating is an excellent example of aerobic exercise. This can help us to balance our body and control our insulin inContinue reading “Skating Freezey! It Froze Your Legs! – Sunway Pyramid Ice”

The Famous Bowling Sports Place In Sunway – Sunway Pyramid Mega Lanes Bowling

You want to burn your calories?! Playing bowling can help you!! Bowling is one of the fun “game” or sport that can help us to burn our calories. It is a fun sport, especially if you play with your friends and families. One of the places is in Mega Lanes in Sunway Pyramid with aContinue reading “The Famous Bowling Sports Place In Sunway – Sunway Pyramid Mega Lanes Bowling”