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Rock Cafe, the place to go for a taste of everything! Seriously, this place is a legend to all Sunway students!! Always available for starving students 24/7 with the seating capacity of more than 1000 seats, available indoor and outdoor seating! What’s best is Rock Cafe provides 3 projector in outdoor seating area also 4Continue reading “INDONESIAN FOOD YOU CAN GET IN ROCK CAFE SUNWAY”

Newly Opened Basketball Court At Phazeground

Where’s Basketball Players At!? Hello Basketballers, do you have tried this new basketball court at Phazeground that located in Taman Industrian Subang there? This is a great basketball court, and also it’s not that pricey compared to others rentals courts. Phazeground has two basketball courts that can be rent, the court is super nice andContinue reading “Newly Opened Basketball Court At Phazeground”

The Best Chicken Rice Around Sunway You Could Ever Have – Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice

Not only the best chicken rice but also the cheapest chicken rice in Sunway you can find!!!! Here to introduce you guys one of the best places usually I go to get my lunch and sometime, breakfast. Apparently not only me but this chicken rice shop has been a fan favourite among students in SunwayContinue reading “The Best Chicken Rice Around Sunway You Could Ever Have – Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice”