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Sunway University Canopy Walk – A Pathway that connects Sunway

Students of Sunway University can enjoy the convenience and comfort of strolling along a Canopy Walk that links Sunway with Sunway Pyramid Mall. The Canopy Walk is a 360m long pedestrian walkway that takes 6 minutes to cross and starts from Sunway University College East Building ending near the entrance of Sunway Pyramid Mall near SunwayContinue reading “Sunway University Canopy Walk – A Pathway that connects Sunway”

Sunway University Service Department – To Help & To Guide

Students will be confuse at how Sunway University operates when they arrive there for the first time. However, there are no need for worries as these offices in Sunway University are ready to guide you anytime. International office is the main office in sunway which by all means to guide the international students. When IContinue reading “Sunway University Service Department – To Help & To Guide”

Sunway University Residences – Cozy, Comfy and Secure

Students, trouble in finding a suitable place to stay? In this post, we are going to show you the 3 accomodation which is located inside the sunway campus area. Sun-U Residence is the accommodation of choice for students of all nationalities wanting to experience a ‘preview’ of being a young adult living in a condoContinue reading “Sunway University Residences – Cozy, Comfy and Secure”