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Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway

Do You like To Workouts?! SunGym is a place for people to workout and burn their calories effectively. It is filled with almost fully equipped gears and classes are also available for those who want to join, where there will be a trainer to train you for a more intense training session. Mostly people whoContinue reading “Nice Place To Burn Fats and Workouts! – SunGym Sunway”

Great Cinema For Those Movie Lovers! – Sunway Pyramid TGV Cinema

WHO LOVES TO WATCH MOVIE?! For those who likes to watch movie, this is the right place. Especially for those Sunway students who lives nearby. Who doesn’t know TGV cinema? it’s one of the most popular cinema chains in Malaysia. This cinema have very comfortable seats and a very great place to catch a movie.Continue reading “Great Cinema For Those Movie Lovers! – Sunway Pyramid TGV Cinema”

Best Fried Chicken in Sunway – NOMMS Sunway

Calling out fried chicken lovers in Sunway! Being a regular customer of Nomms, I personally felt this eatery is highly underrated and deserves your attention, especially if you’re a fan of fried chicken. The restaurant gives out a clean, minimal and laidback vibe with its green metal chairs, wooden tables and floors, cute paintings andContinue reading “Best Fried Chicken in Sunway – NOMMS Sunway”