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About Us

Hi Everyone!

This is Indonesian students running the blog! The 2000 Squad blog is about four student bloggers’ daily life that are currently pursuing a business degree at Sunway College Malaysia. The blog is catered for future college Indonesian students or Indonesian students who are interested with Malaysia’s college students life especially at Sunway University and College! In this blog, they share their college experience, fun, knowledge and their student life.

About Louis

Hi everyone! Louis Steven here! I am 19 years old and I’m a second year business student at Sunway College Malaysia under Victoria University Programme. I’m from Medan, Indonesia. Fact about me is I really like playing football. I write about facility in this blog. I hope this blog is useful for you guys 🙂

About Joselin

Hi there! I’m Joselin from Medan, Indonesia. I’m 18 years young and a business student in Sunway College Malaysia. Some fun facts about me are I love poodles and a food hunter! This blog is filled with my food reviews as I spend the semesters in Kuala Lumpur. I hope you enjoy the readings! ❤ 

About William

Hi guys! I’m William Aulyanto From Pekanbaru, Indonesia. I’m 19 years old and I’m a year 2 business student in Victoria University in Sunway college Malaysia. Here is a few fun facts about me, i love to play basketball and eat a lot of foods. For this blog, i will talk or write about some entertainment places that held in Malaysia. Hope this blog will be useful for you and enjoy!

About Aditya

Hi everybody!! I’m Aditya Cakra Prawira from Palembang, Indonesia. I’m 19 years old and I’m one of business student in Victoria University in Sunway College Malaysia. Fun fact about me is I like playing guitar. For this blog, I will talk about transportation around Malaysia that can be used. I hope you guys enjoy our blog 🙂

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