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Billiard, The Competitive Cue Sport

Do you heard about billiard or pool before? I bet you all have been heard it before or even play it in your phone. Billiard is a classification of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the rails, into which balls are deposited. This sport is a very well-known sport. This sport is testing your concentrate and IQ, you can learn a lot of trick shots to make the game more exciting and fun, especially when you play with your friends. The shots you take is depends on the cue also, the cue itself has a big role in this sports. Nice cue will affected your shot, also have a high chance to follow the direction you want to hit. You can find the place to play in one of the place near my university, Victoria University Sunway. Is upstairs the rock cafe there. The place is nice and it’s already provided with a cue and ac, so it’s very comfortable and convenience.

This is the 8 ball pool that usually people play. Which people call it as American-Style Eight Ball. The rules is after the break, each player is assigned to either the striped or solid-colored balls. The goal is to pocket all of the balls in your color, then to sink the eight ball in a called pocket. In most common forms of the game, if you accidentally sink the cue ball or scratch after you sink the eight ball, you lose. Scratching on the break is also considered an automatic loss in most cases.

Here is the mini type of pool but have the same rules as the American Style Eight Ball Pool. This one you can play for fun and the table is mini. So the game is easier and quickly ends.

In that place also have Snooker,  A snooker table is larger than a standard pool table but also has six pockets. Players score points by initially pocketing a red ball, then pocketing the other numbered balls in ascending order. 22 is the total of the balls that you need to play in snooker, also snooker tables are quite a bit larger, measuring in at roughly 12โ€™x6โ€™. Usually is hard to find a place to play snooker.

The place also provided a seats for the players. Therefore, some players can seats during waiting their friends play or waiting for their turns to play.

Here is the counter for payments and books for the pool tables. In here you may orders some drink that they sell for the customers. You can enjoy hot and cold beverages while you’re playing your pool or billiard. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what are you waiting for!?

More Info

  • Pool Upstairs The Rock Cafe
  • Jalan PJS 11/20, Bandar Sunway
  • 46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • +60 193151935


Rock Cafe, the place to go for a taste of everything!

Seriously, this place is a legend to all Sunway students!! Always available for starving students 24/7 with the seating capacity of more than 1000 seats, available indoor and outdoor seating! What’s best is Rock Cafe provides 3 projector in outdoor seating area also 4 televisions in indoor seating area! Amazing!

Moreover, what’s make Rock Cafe is so famous is because the food court offers a wide variety from local foods to international favourite foods! such as Indonesian food, Japanese food, Western food, Korean food and Middle Eastern food to satisfy your appetite! Even there is Vegetarian food stall, so for vegetarians, worry-free! YEY! ๐Ÿ˜€

Rock Cafe is also a place for football enthusiast where usually the football matches will be shown in the projector every week, Rock Cafe is more crowded especially during the World Cup season, where surprisingly you need to book a seat.

And of course, Rock cafe serves both Halal and Non-Halal dishes using two different cutlery catering to the Muslims and Non-Muslims diners. The green plates are used for Halal dishes and the white plates are for Non-Halal dishes.

For Indonesian fellows that are new to this place, here’s list of Indonesian foods you can have

  1. Ayam Bakar Jakarta

Ayam Bakar Rica for RM 8.00 comes with chicken thigh, a plate of rice and a bowl of Sayur Asam soup. The sambal Rica is spicy and flavourful as well the chicken is well-marinated and of course not over grilled. Usually I will go for this instead of Ayam Penyet Ria since it’s nearer.

2. Indo Deli

My personal favourite dish in Indo Deli is their Nasi Goreng Meletup for RM 6.50. The Nasi Goreng Meletup comes in a big portion with minced chicken and a sunny side up. Like the name, the fried rice is very spicy and fragrant enough. For those can’t eat spicy dish, can try their tasty Balinese Chicken Rice for RM 8.50. Also, for Indonesian that miss Indomie instant noodle could order their Indomie Double Egg for RM 5.50.

3. Mr. Penyet

Yes, you can find Indonesian Soto Ayam here for just RM 6.50, The owner is Indonesian, so you can find the taste is so similar to Indonesian’s Soto Ayam. They also have Ayam Penyet, Bakso Penyet, Mie Ayam, Ketoprak and much more.

Besides, there’s also Japanese food that worth to try which is the chicken teppanyaki don for just RM 7.00. You have a choice to choose the meat, beef and chicken. The rice and the chicken is topped with teriyaki sauce with a good portion.

Also, my favourite is the chicken and prawn mee soup for only RM 6.00 come with a generous portion and additional 50 cents for large portion. The soup is very flavourful and fragrant, the prawn is fresh and the chicken is meat is very tender and well-cooked.

So, that’s all I want to recommend and if you have try the foods in Rock Cafe Sunway, please leave out a comment and maybe some recommendation for me to try out!

More Info

Rock Cafe Sunway

Medan Rock Cafe
Jalan PJS 11/20
Bandar Sunway
46150 Subang Jaya
Open 24 hours daily
Phone Number : 03-5612 1333

Facebook :

Newly Opened Basketball Court At Phazeground

Where’s Basketball Players At!?

Hello Basketballers, do you have tried this new basketball court at Phazeground that located in Taman Industrian Subang there? This is a great basketball court, and also it’s not that pricey compared to others rentals courts. Phazeground has two basketball courts that can be rent, the court is super nice and clean, the most important thing is the rim is always in good conditions and the board is fiber made. By that, it will attract more basketballers to play there with a nice court and with a very good price to rent. Come and try guys! Don’t forget to booked first and make sure it available for rent as the time you wanted!

Here is the Phazeground basketball logo and courts..

The court also can be booked for a competition and practices. The price is cheap and reasonable, it range from 120-160 RM / hour. Seriously is worth it guys! Go try it!

They also provided seats for players when they want to rest and switch players during or after the game. Players can put their belongings for their own convenience. As well for those people that want to watch the game or something..

Check it and try it out! It’s extremely fun and recommended. ๐Ÿ™‚

More Info

  • PhazeGround Basektball Court
  • Lot, Jalan TS 6/1, Taman Perindustrian Subang
  • 47510 Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • +60 184724977 โ€บ PhazeGround

Get another experiences by travelling KL with MONORAIL

Indonesian students, here’s to familiarize the monorail of KL which transportation you can enjoy besides MRT,

First of all, Monorail is similar like LRT because the train line is also located at the above of roadway. However, monorail has different line and technology. I use monorail for short distance in KL especially around Bukit Bintang. I often use monorail because the location is only around KL and the distance it took is very short. In my experience, using monorail is as fun as using LRT and MRT. You guys also need to try it for new experience hahahah! But one thing is waiting for the train is quite long because they only have one line. So yeah..

Inside Monorail is most likely similar to LRT but with different seat position as shown in the picture. For short distance travel, using monorail is quite fun because I can sight seeing the city and street from above. As usual public transportation, monorail also provides handle for those who want standing or in case there are no seat left.

These pictures are the example of monorail line in Bukit Bintang. Monorail is quite short train and with barely audible sound. We can see the train from the street below it. We can see if the train cross in front of us and it makes us feel that we are in the future. HAHAHA excuse me for being so hyperbola.

The monorail station also located above, so we need to go upstairs with escalator or lift. Car, bus, motorcycle, and others still can pass below the station. The station is quite big and it easily for me to find the monorail station.

There are also 2 types of payment. First is touch n go and the second one is by buying ticket. The machine of the ticket is also same with BRT, LRT, and MRT. This machine allowed you to buy many transportation ticket. They also have counter for use to top touch n go and also to report something.

Here is the map of monorail. For train, the line is very short. There are only 10 stations.

Hope this post is useful for you guys! Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚



Operating hours : Monday – Sunday (6am – 12am)
Phone Number : 03-7885 2585
Email :
Website :
Facebook :

Offside Nadayu 28 Residence – A Perfect Condominium for Students

Nadayu28 Residences isnโ€™t just a residence, it is a luxurious and gorgeous indulgence if you want to spoil yourself. Some of the most exiting facilities for condo living can be found in the residence and is equivalent to a complete lifestyle just like in a tropical resort. Nadayu Residence stands with 3 main towers that consist of more than 1000 condo and more than 5000 room. The beauty itself is not the only reason I recommend this condominium, this condominium is located right behind Sunway University and it only took a 5 minute walk to reach there. In addition, the rental cost is also reasonable and considerable regarding its good location. I am going to show you the types of room available in Nadayu Residence.

Twin Sharing Room
Single Room (Single Size Bed)
Single Ensuite Room (Queen Size Bed)

This condominium is established in 2015 and all of the room is considered very new and clean. The rental pricing range from RM 750 to RM 1450 depends on the types of room.

Adult Swimming Pool
Children Swimming Pool

The Cafeteria is located at the fifth floor of the building, offers many delicious food for the residents 24 hours and also a convenience store that sell almost every daily or household things that you need and of course snacks and drinks.

24 hour convenient store
Clothing Laundry
Outdoot Movie Theatre
Surau (Muslim Prayer Room)
Badminton and Table Tennis

You can enjoy tons of facilities and entertainment which will cure students boredom. All of the facilities above are also open for visitors as well as family and friends. Feel free to visit nadayu residence when you have your free time to enjoy this lovely facilities.

In addition, Nadayu Residence have 24 hour security patrol which ensures your safety and also establish an access card for the resident. Moreover, it also provides tons of parking lot for resident and visitors.

More Info

Nadayu28 Residence

7, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Phone Number : 017-747 8608

The Best Chicken Rice Around Sunway You Could Ever Have – Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice

Not only the best chicken rice but also the cheapest chicken rice in Sunway you can find!!!!

Here to introduce you guys one of the best places usually I go to get my lunch and sometime, breakfast. Apparently not only me but this chicken rice shop has been a fan favourite among students in Sunway University as it offers economical and delicious meal. No wonder that it usually sold out by 2pm.

For Indonesian freshmen or Indonesian exchange student from Australia who miss Indonesia’s Hainan Chicken rice should eat this for alternative!

The shop itself is not designed at all but comfortable enough, but can get wrapped up pretty tight with people lining up during the lunch hours. Therefore, make sure you have 15-30 minutes waiting time to spare or come early.

picture was taken at lunch hours

One meal is costing no more than RM 8 with the portion given is pretty generous, A simple menu displayed at the entrance of the shop, making a selection of what to eat is very easy.

The boss is very friendly

Usually after we seat, the auntie will approach us and offer the drinks. Not only drinks, sometimes we order the half boiled egg for only RM 2.40, tasty and healthy!

The chicken rice is cooked to perfection, fragrant and flavourful enough.

The chicken alone is succulent, smooth and not overcooked; and topped with the spotlight- fried garlic. You can ask for extra fried garlic in a bowl and it charges no money!

However, the chicken rice also served with tasty chicken soup and homemade chilli sauce which give a nice touch to the rice and chicken. The bonus is you can refill the soup as much as you want!

The char siew does not disappoint as well, the char siew is tender, well-marinated and not too sweet. A perfect combination with the tasty chicken. And if you want to get an extra chicken or pork it’s just RM 1.00 additional price!

Unfortunately, the roasted pork has finished during the time I come so I won’t be able to show you the picture but since I ever eat the roasted pork, I will just briefly describe the taste. Initially, seeing the glistening oil on the skin at first, I thought it wouldnโ€™t be crispy. Yet as I sank my teeth into it, the pork skin crackled loudly. The roasted pork is a must-try meal from here. Also, You need to come early to secure the roasted pork if you don’t want to miss out the savoury roasted pork since it’s the fastest to finish.

UPDATE : I’ve come back to get the roasted pork, so here it is the picture

More Info

Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice Shop

39, 29, Jalan PJS 11/9
Bandar Sunway
47500 Petaling Jaya
Phone Number : 016-772 5355
Open from Monday to Saturday, 08.00 – 14.00

Extreme Park Sports Arena – Badminton Court RCL

Heard About Badminton In Extreme Park Before?

Sound familiar? It is uncommon for those people that live far away from Bandar Sunway, However, it is a common and famous place for Sunway student or the people that lives nearby. Extreme Park has futsal field, pinball and one of it, is Badminton court. Do you one of the people that pro or hobby to play badminton? Well, this is a nice place to play badminton. Of course you will feel more excitement and enjoyment if you play with your friends there.

There is a shop located inside the court called VRC Proshop. It sells all badminton gears which are strings, grips, clothes, towels, shoes and different types of shuttlecocks. It also responsible for receiving bookings and payments for renting the badminton court. The fees are quite reasonable, it range from RM 21-28/hour. If you prefer cheaper price, please come before 7 pm. Moreover, you could purchase drinks there also as they serve variety of drinks!

Here are the badminton rules that you need to follow.

They also provided seats for players in case they want to rest and switch players through out the game. Most of them put their belongings near the seat for convenience.

More Info

  • VRC Badminton Court at Extreme Park
  • Sunway South Quay, Jalan Tasik Selatan, Bandar Sunway
  • 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • +60 123805083 โ€บ sunway-extreme-park-badminton

Sunway University Canopy Walk – A Pathway that connects Sunway

Students of Sunway University can enjoy the convenience and comfort of strolling along a Canopy Walk that links Sunway with Sunway Pyramid Mall. The Canopy Walk is a 360m long pedestrian walkway that takes 6 minutes to cross and starts from Sunway University College East Building ending near the entrance of Sunway Pyramid Mall near Sunway Lagoon. 

Further shaded by many trees, users of the walkway will experience a scenic view of the Wildlife Park, The Surf Beach and the Wagon Wheel of the neighbouring Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. The Canopy Walk is open daily except during public holidays from 7am โ€“ 12 midnight and is fitted with close-circuit TV cameras along the walkway. The walkway is a facility that allows students to find alternative parking so that they can continue to attend classes conveniently and punctually. In addition, to ensure that students can use the canopy walk confidently and safely to enjoy greater accessibility to the wide range of services at the Mall. Furthermore, there is also a second phase of the canopy walk where it connects Sunway University to the BRT station and then to monash.

BRT station
Souces :


Yes! Grab! I am surely that my Indonesian friends are very familiar with this online taxi car service but still I’m gonna talk and recommend this for you guys to travel around KL!

GRAB is one of the most useful application that I daily used. Just in case you don’t know, GRAB is application to book a ride service to our destination. However, now GRAB already provide their service not only for ordering a car but also can order food and deliver a package. Also, Grab has an e-wallet which is GrabPay to make it easier for us to process the payment.

This is how the home page application looks like. The home page design is neat and easily to use.

In my opinion, using GRAB in Malaysia we have win-win solution, sometimes at specific time like peak hour it’s gonna be expensive to use grab and vice versa. Or you can use the grab whenever there’s many of your friends are also going to the same destination so you guys can divide the price. For example is basically the price from Sunway to KL is RM35 therefore, we can divide to RM7 or RM8 each person and it makes the price cheaper. GRAB also has promo to airport, the price from airport or to airport is RM65. GRAB also provides you to choose whether 4 seats with a cheaper price or 6 seats to take more people but with a more expensive price. Driving rules and regulation in Malaysia is different with Indonesia whereas if the car is designed to fit only for 4 or 6 passengers, therefore, the car can only carry 4 or 6 passengers and not more which is different with Indonesia, where the car can fit as many as possible passengers inside the car as long as the passengers can breath freely. Lol. So for Indonesian, don’t be surprised okayyyyy!

Whenever I feel like lazy to go out to having lunch or dinner, I always use GRAB to delivery food. There are many restaurant to choose that already registered in GRAB food. As a student, I want a food with a cheaper price and in a big portion, therefore, GRAB always be my solution as it has many promo or discount. heheheheh.

GRAB also provides delivery package. This service help me to send document, parcel, package, and other things to my friend. Sometimes my friend left their stuff at my house therefore, I will use this application to send it.

The GrabPay itself can be topped up by using online banking payment. I just need to put my number and select that top up amount. It is quite simple to top up balance with this GRAB application.

To pay, you can use whether cash which is cash on delivery or GrabPay. I prefer to pay by using GrabPay which is more efficient and also there are many discounts if using GRAB pay.

GRAB is very famous transportation in Malaysia therefore, there are many spot for customers to waiting their GRAB.

GRAB also provide GRAB pick up and drop off point for customers to wait their GRAB coming. Many malls and place already have GRAB lounge. This is the example of GRAB lounge in Sunway Pyramid.



Operation every day 24hours
Phone Number : +6016 386 8936
Website :

Facebook :

Sunway University Service Department – To Help & To Guide

Students will be confuse at how Sunway University operates when they arrive there for the first time. However, there are no need for worries as these offices in Sunway University are ready to guide you anytime.

International office is the main office in sunway which by all means to guide the international students. When I had just arrived in the campus, I handed all my files for medical and visa purposes to the international office. You can also request for letters to open bank account from this office. Moreover, student ID and student access card is also establish here.

Student Life Center is basically the office to guide students and fulfilled students requests. I previously requested my scholarship programme in the student life center and surprisingly the coordinator was very friendly and polite. In student life center, students can also relax and enjoy their leisure time while playing cards, board games or even table tennis.

Financial service center is the office that control the monetary process and payment related to the university purposes is made here. Financial service center is always full of people especially new semester where students have not pay their bills. But you do not have to worry because payment can also be done through online payment.

Victoria University Office offers help for sunway students which enroll under victori university programme. If you decide to take a programme from Victoria University, you may find this office useful.

We usually print and copy most of our notes and assignment in the IT lab. The IT service will also help you if there is any problem related to your computer or laptop. In addition, student can also enjoy free access of computers within certain period of time.

Securtiy center is the office that serve and make you feel save when you are in the campus. In this office you can also find your lost belongings in the lost and found box. Students can report their missing belongings to the office and if they manage to recover it, the security will keep students belongings in the office.

More Info

Sunway University

5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open from Monday to Saturday, 08.30-17.30

Sunway College

2, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, 47500, Selangor

Open from Monday to Saturday, 08.30-17.30

Phone Number : 03-7491 8622

Website :