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For Indonesian, especially that are living in Jakarta must have known MRT, since the MRT in Jakarta has finally open and ready to use for public but for other city beside Jakarta which still have not MRT in the city, I also sure that you guys must have been familiar with MRT, as MRT is one of the public transport that can be used in Malaysia that won’t cost you as much as a taxi would cost you to travel somewhere, here’s to introduce you the Malaysia’s MRT.

MRT is one of the public transport that I usually used in Malaysia as MRT is considered as cheap transportation that can trans you to a destination even in a far destination.

The station itself is very clean and comfortable also there are many screen that they provide that shown how long the MRT will arrive to the station which is very helpful for me. The operation hours of the MRT start from 6.00am until 00.00am everyday.

Inside MRT station, they provide escalator and lift to make our travel efficient. They also provide screen that shown how long the train will arrive to the station which is very helpful, the train itself will arrive every 5-15 minutes. Personally, I enjoy waiting inside MRT station because the station and the vibe itself is so nice. Besides, There are many sign that help me to reach the train and there’s also many security that always patrolling around the train so if I get lost I can get help from them.

Same as the other public transportation, we can use touch n go or buy the ticket manually. I usually pay with touch n go because it’s more simple and efficient. However, sometimes I forget to bring it so I need to buy the ticket in machine that they provided.

Here is the map of the BRT (dark green). The BRT line is quite long and it helps me to reach my destination. To go to Kuala Lumpur, the price is around RM5.00 from Sunway. In case your destination is not on the map, you can transit by using LRT or BRT because I always do like that.

Usually, I always go to Bukit Bintang with MRT. Bukit Bintang is the central place in Kuala Lumpur.

So, that’s all about the MRT. Happy travelling using MRT guys!



Operating hours : Monday – Sunday (6am – 12am)
Phone Number : 03-7885 2585
Email :
Website :
Facebook :



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