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Billiard, The Competitive Cue Sport

Do you heard about billiard or pool before? I bet you all have been heard it before or even play it in your phone. Billiard is a classification of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the rails, into which balls are deposited. This sport is a very well-known sport. This sportContinue reading “Billiard, The Competitive Cue Sport”


Rock Cafe, the place to go for a taste of everything! Seriously, this place is a legend to all Sunway students!! Always available for starving students 24/7 with the seating capacity of more than 1000 seats, available indoor and outdoor seating! What’s best is Rock Cafe provides 3 projector in outdoor seating area also 4Continue reading “INDONESIAN FOOD YOU CAN GET IN ROCK CAFE SUNWAY”

Newly Opened Basketball Court At Phazeground

Where’s Basketball Players At!? Hello Basketballers, do you have tried this new basketball court at Phazeground that located in Taman Industrian Subang there? This is a great basketball court, and also it’s not that pricey compared to others rentals courts. Phazeground has two basketball courts that can be rent, the court is super nice andContinue reading “Newly Opened Basketball Court At Phazeground”

Get another experiences by travelling KL with MONORAIL

Indonesian students, here’s to familiarize the monorail of KL which transportation you can enjoy besides MRT, First of all, Monorail is similar like LRT because the train line is also located at the above of roadway. However, monorail has different line and technology. I use monorail for short distance in KL especially around Bukit Bintang.Continue reading “Get another experiences by travelling KL with MONORAIL”

Offside Nadayu 28 Residence – A Perfect Condominium for Students

Nadayu28 Residences isn’t just a residence, it is a luxurious and gorgeous indulgence if you want to spoil yourself. Some of the most exiting facilities for condo living can be found in the residence and is equivalent to a complete lifestyle just like in a tropical resort. Nadayu Residence stands with 3 main towers thatContinue reading “Offside Nadayu 28 Residence – A Perfect Condominium for Students”

The Best Chicken Rice Around Sunway You Could Ever Have – Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice

Not only the best chicken rice but also the cheapest chicken rice in Sunway you can find!!!! Here to introduce you guys one of the best places usually I go to get my lunch and sometime, breakfast. Apparently not only me but this chicken rice shop has been a fan favourite among students in SunwayContinue reading “The Best Chicken Rice Around Sunway You Could Ever Have – Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice”

Extreme Park Sports Arena – Badminton Court RCL

Heard About Badminton In Extreme Park Before? Sound familiar? It is uncommon for those people that live far away from Bandar Sunway, However, it is a common and famous place for Sunway student or the people that lives nearby. Extreme Park has futsal field, pinball and one of it, is Badminton court. Do you oneContinue reading “Extreme Park Sports Arena – Badminton Court RCL”

Sunway University Canopy Walk – A Pathway that connects Sunway

Students of Sunway University can enjoy the convenience and comfort of strolling along a Canopy Walk that links Sunway with Sunway Pyramid Mall. The Canopy Walk is a 360m long pedestrian walkway that takes 6 minutes to cross and starts from Sunway University College East Building ending near the entrance of Sunway Pyramid Mall near SunwayContinue reading “Sunway University Canopy Walk – A Pathway that connects Sunway”


Yes! Grab! I am surely that my Indonesian friends are very familiar with this online taxi car service but still I’m gonna talk and recommend this for you guys to travel around KL! GRAB is one of the most useful application that I daily used. Just in case you don’t know, GRAB is application toContinue reading “ALL YOU CAN DO WITH GRAB”

Sunway University Service Department – To Help & To Guide

Students will be confuse at how Sunway University operates when they arrive there for the first time. However, there are no need for worries as these offices in Sunway University are ready to guide you anytime. International office is the main office in sunway which by all means to guide the international students. When IContinue reading “Sunway University Service Department – To Help & To Guide”